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Fade Friday – Stevenson 727 La Jolla (19 months, 10 washes)

It must be difficult to stay monogamous to just one pair of jeans when you have an entire stable of denim at your disposal. Such is the case for Kiya Babzani, the co-owner and founder of Self Edge. For about the past ten years, Kiya has worn one pair at a time, only moving on to new jeans once the last one has been retired (you may remember his Strike Golds from two years back).

His latest finished pair is a 727 La Jolla from Stevenson Overall Co., which he wore for just over a year and a half and washed about every two months. Some of our faders are determined to wash as little as possible, but let this pair serve as an example that you can wash fairly frequently and still get some amazing fades.

Stevenson builds some great details into the traditional five-pocket jean. The La Jolla features primarily single-needle construction, curved pockets with z-stitch reinforcements, hand-rolled and sewn belt loops, and a white and green split selvedge id, all of which you can see lovingly destroyed above. Who knows what Kiya will pick next, but we’ll probably show you the results in a couple years!


  • Name: Stevenson Overall Co. 727 La Jolla
  • Fabric: 100% cotton selvedge denim woven exclusively at Kuroki Mills
  • Weight: 14oz.
  • Fit: Slim tapered
  • Unique Features:
    • Curved pocket shape
    • Hand sewn belt loops
    • Leather backed buttons
  • Available for $340 at Self Edge