Heddels Forum Redux – A New Age in Denim Discussion

One of the key fixtures of the Heddels community has been our forum. For the past few years, thousands of our readers have discussed everything from denim evolutions to brand questions to the worst Kickstarter video on the internet. But the demand on our forum outstripped the tech behind it…a while ago.

For the past few months, we’ve worked to create a new forum that can handle the needs of our community and it is live today! To kick off the launch, we’re also having a contest for a $250 gift card at Huckberry, the online retailer with brands like Tellason, Apolis, Red Wing, Chippewa, but also home goods, camping equipment–they even sell vapes and mattresses. To enter, create an account on our forum and post in this thread about your grail pair of jeans, then sign up for Huckberry and we’ll randomly select our winner two weeks from today.

Also important to note is that the data from the old forum won’t transfer to the new one, we’re starting with a blank slate on the new site. If you would like to preserve any of your photos or posts from the old site, we’re keeping it up at “forum.www.heddels.com” for the next two weeks. After that, the new forum (currently hosted at newforum.www.heddels.com) will take over the slot so grab your stuff before it’s gone.

What are you still doing here? Get posting!