Fade Friday – DIY Jeans (8 Months, Unknown Washes)

This week’s Fade Friday may not be the most contrasty of fades, but the dedication is found not so much in the wear patterns as it is in the pattern making. Like many of us, Kristian H was fed up with jeans that didn’t stand more than a few months. But, rather than upgrading his jeans game to one of the many brands featured here, he decided to make his own.

His DIY Jeans were based off an old pair of Levi’s 501, using a seam ripper to take it apart. Once all the seams were undone, he took each panel and traced it onto an 8oz. denim fabric which he bought locally in Germany. From there, with lots of help from the internet, Kristian was able to craft a working pair of jeans for himself. Impressively, he used just one machine, which means the jean was stitched almost entirely with a single-needle. The parts that weren’t were stitched by hand.

Now, though single-needle stitching, and felled seams are all part of a denim head’s lexicon, Kristian was oblivious to the fact that denim heads even existed. He definitely didn’t know that there was an entire website dedicated to raw denim.

Kristian has worn his jeans for 8 months, and, with his daddy duties, has washed them about once a week. The result is a lower contrast fade overall with some decent whiskering. And, it looks like it’s got plenty of life left. Impressive for having never made jeans before.

Check out his entire process over at his blog. For our German readers, hier ist der gesamte blog in Deutsch.


  • Name: Do It Yourself Jeans
  • Fabric: 8oz. raw denim
  • Fit: Based off of Levi’s 501, straight fit
  • Unique Features:
    • Custom arcuates
    • Handsewn bartacks
    • Limited edition