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3sixteen Iterations Volume 1 – Short Sleeve Shirts

Generally speaking, the fashion industry operates biannually – fall/winter and spring/summer. While this dictates product roll-out for a majority of retailers, many of the smaller brands produce their goods on their own schedules. Of course, these independent brands still keep up with the typical fashion cycle and design products a year in advance. But, sometimes there are fabrics that come along outside of this binary format that are just too good to wait.

That’s what 3sixteen is addressing. To feed these impulsive urges that certain fabrics will tend to illicit, 3sixteen’s Iterations series are small runs of garments released to select retailers (as well as their own site) outside of the regular product roll-out cycle.

They recently launched their first Iteration, a set of three button-ups that lean toward a streetwear sensibility. In this first volume, they’ve introduced a new silhouette – the Band Collar Short Sleeve. For the silhouette’s introduction, 3sixteen’s produced them in a lightweight Japanese cotton print in two inversed colorways.The third shirt is their 3/4 sleeve button-up in a textured indigo broadcloth with a triangle discharge print.

You can be a part of the first Iteration for $165-175 at 3sixteen.