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Kapital’s Fall / Winter ’15 Lookbook – Route E10 Lappland

Kapital’s Fall / Winter ’15 Lookbook – Route E10 Lappland

Heads up, the next photo is NSFW

If there’s one thing Kapital is known for beyond their clothing it’s their incredibly produced lookbooks. From “Peace Pilgirms”, to “Deniming for Sunken Treasure”, to “Sailor Ninjas”, the Kapital crew has been all over the world to photograph each season of Kapital clothing. You may recall the Kapital World Movie, which was a documentary purely devoted to the production of their Spring/Summer 2013 book.

This season it’s “Route E10 Lappland”. Designer Kiro Hirata and photographer Eric Kvatek’s teamed up again for their 33rd book, which marks ten years shooting together. The Lappland of the title is in Sweden and Norway, north of the Arctic Circle, where the midnight sun provided perpetual daylight for the entirety of the shoot. According to Eric:

On the one hand it could have been shot almost anywhere in the world, but on the other I felt like it needed a very strong location to tie it all together. As a result of this I chose to shoot in Sweden and Norway within the Arctic Circle, also sometimes referred to as Lapland.

As always the prop hunting and styling was one of my favorite parts of the shoot. I brought plenty of worn in boots from home and several Navajo blankets. In Sweden I was scouring up antlers, various furs and vintage petrol cans.

One new thing for us this time was shooting in a sauna. We really had not planned this up until we were there and realized it would be a nice scene. So we dropped our forks and wine glasses and ran around set dressing and got back to work. The only Kapital product in the shots is some silver jewelry, I think. But in the end Kiro used it for the cover, so I guess it was a success.

The clothing itself shows as much texture as the landscapes: lots of heavily worn denim (including well faded examples of their Century Jeans), thick-pile retro fleece, chunky knits, and shearling.

Everything in the book (sans the props and models) will be available this fall throughout Kapital’s stockists and on their website.

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