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Shreddies Men’s Flatulence Blocking Fart Jeans

There are a lot of crap jeans in the market. Now, in the year 2015, there are fart jeans.

Fart-filtering jeans to be more specific. No, this isn’t something you’ll find at Spencer’s. This new piece of techwear(?) from British-based Shreddies works by incorporating a layer of carbon lining into the very fibers of the jean’s being so that it neutralizes the odors of your very being.

It might give “more freedom to enter social situations,” but this ass gas mask ain’t noise-cancelling. So if your problem isn’t so much “silent but deadly,” you’re SOL.


  • Name: Shreddies Men’s Flatulence Jeans
  • Fabric: Carbon-lined denim
  • Fit: Relief-fit
  • Unique Features:
    • Odour-neutralizing carbon
    • Increased confidence
  • Available for £100.00 at Shreddies