White Soled White Sneakers – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

I know what you’re thinking–a fashion website suggesting white sneakers after Labor Day? How ridiculous is that? But let’s be honest, the raw denim community does things quite differently than of the fashion world.

To many denimheads, the attraction of raw denim is that the same article of clothing can be worn daily. With each additional wear, the denim only fits and looks better. And due to the fact that most raws are fairly low-key, wearing the same pair everyday doesn’t draw attention.

These same attributes can be true of white sneakers. Unfortunately, finding the perfect pair of sneakers can be just as hard as finding the correct pair of raws. Whether you want a pair of completely smooth, leather sneakers or a highly texture pair of canvas high-tops, there is something out there for everyone.

1) Common Projects Achilles Mid


Common Projects are often considered to be the standard for simple, quality leather sneakers. It’s very hard to find fault with their sleek designs, and the construction methods they use are as solid as they come. Each pair is made in Italy out of buttery soft Nappa leather, and they only continue to look and feel better with each wear. Common Projects are very low key, and are only identifiable by the golden serial number stamped at the back of the heel.

Available for $359 from End Clothing.

2) Buttero Low Leather Sneaker


If you are only going to own one pair of sneakers, white low-tops are definitely the way to go. They’re classic, versatile, and aren’t going to draw attention if worn multiple days in a row. This pair from Buttero is constructed using vegetable tanned leather and nickel eyelets, but it’s really the dyed white leather laces that pulls the design together. As is the standard for high-quality sneakers, each pair is made in Italy using only the best materials.

Available for $304 from Need Supply.

3) Converse All Star 70 Hi (Optical White)


You really don’t have to drop hundreds of dollars to own a great pair of sneakers. This pair from Converse is inspired by the classic canvas sneakers of the 1970s, and are just as versatile as high-end sneakers made from Italian calfskin (and for a fraction of the price). They are finished with 8-nickel eyelets and a sturdy rubber toecap.

Available for $85 from Unionmade Goods.

4) Epaulet Full Court High Trainers


High-top basketball sneakers were initially produced by Converse around the 1920s, and they have been steadily increasing in popularity ever since. This pair by Epaulet might not look anything like those original canvas basketball shoes, but they are strikingly similar to leather basketball sneakers produced from the ‘70s onward. And since they are made by Epaulet, they hit the perfect intercept between cost and quality. This pair is primarily constructed using a smooth Italian calfskin, but features a padded grained calfskin around the collar. The uppers are both cemented and stitched to the incredibly popular Margon sole.

Available for $250 from Epaulet.

5) Maison Margiela Low Top Glitter Sneaker (GATs)

Maison Margiela

As their name implies, German Army Trainers were originally produced for members of the German military, although the original designer and year of production are matters of fierce debate. As is the case with many historical designs, the fashion world adopted and reinterpreted it repeatedly. This version of the GAT by Maison Margiela is entirely white, which isn’t the norm — most feature grey suede accents and a tan gum sole. Finally, this pair features a highly textured “glitter” finish, which causes them standout far more than ordinary GATs.

Available for $555 from Neiman Marcus.

Plus One – Nike: Free Inneva Woven Tech SP Mint


Up until now, the sneakers on this list have been simple, traditional, and timeless. And if you are only going to own one pair of sneakers, any of these previous pairs would be an excellent option. However, if you are just looking to add another pair to your collection or like standing out, this pair of Nikes may be just what you’re looking for. They are constructed using woven strands of nylon of varying widths, which are complimented wonderfully by flat cotton laces. Various portions of the upper are reflective, and the entire upper is cemented to a uniquely shaped wedge sole.

Available for $255 from Tres Bien Shop.