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The Worst of Raw Denim – Volume 3

Here at Heddels, we work very hard to bring you the best of what the worlds of raw denim and heritage clothing have to offer. But in order to do that, we have to wade through a lot of crap.

Most of it is just boring, the same old rehashed Americana stuff that’s neither bad nor good and not really worth commenting on. Some of them attain other levels of glory. That gave us an idea for a new series that instead of focussing on the diamonds in the rough, took a closer look at the turds in the rough, the ones that make the rough look good. Welcome to the Worst of Raw Denim.

Chatty CZ Custom Denim


We don’t often see much denim out of Central Europe, so it’s a pleasant surprise to see that the Czech brand Chatty seems to offer an affordable and high quality product that’s made completely bespoke in their Prague workshop.


They seem to account for every step and based on the fit pics make some great looking and fitting jeans. However, that’s not immediately apparent upon first glance at their website, which features some of the strangest models we’ve ever laid eyes on.


Think Chatty, think shirtless tattooed dudes with their fingers all over each others’ faces. Have a look at the full gallery on their website.


Raleigh Denim Meets Mold


One of the biggest “sells” of raw denim is that it molds to your body over time based on how you wear it. Reddit user sickmolds pair of Raleigh Denim jeans, however, molded to the inside of his dresser drawer instead. Truly a sick set of fades and probably one that would leave more than indigo on your legs if you tried to wear them…which sickmolds seems to want to keep doing.

Have a look at the full thread here.

Garibaldi Selvedge Denim Watches


When it comes to denim things, we’ve seen it all:  shoes, bags, camping equipment, sofas–we could go on for days. But now, Kickstarter brings you the world’s first raw selvedge denim timepiece!


We’ve seen denim watch straps before, but this horological curiosity takes it a step further by putting a swatch on the dial. What, might you ask, is the benefit of having a denim-faced watch? Well time fades, and as we all know denim fades, so now you can watch your watch fade while time fades as you time your jeans fades! It’s also not waterproof, so you can still get in a wash or two should you be so determined.

If you have any interest in backing for 89 Euros, you can find their page here.

Grailed Modified A.P.C. New Standard


Let us say that we feel very positively about DIY repairs and modifications at Heddels…well most of them.

This pair of A.P.C. New Standards was bought two sizes too small for the waist that was meant to wear them. To remedy the squeeze, the owner cut down the sides of the jean with what looks like pre-school safety scissors and grotesquely stitched in a piece of grey denim to fill the gap.

BUT, the description guarantees they were never worn out of the house, so the seller still considers these in pretty decent condition. Yeah…


Over the course of a few weeks the asking price slid from $60 to $34 before the seller finally tood down the posting, but you can still view the cache of it here.

Have you spotted something you think is Worst Of worthy? Let us know at [email protected]!

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