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Waxed Cotton Jackets – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

It’s hard to find all-weather outerwear that is still fashionable. While none of these pieces are truly “waterproof,” they can definitely all be described as water-resistant. There are tons of new synthetic materials on the market that are designed to repel water, but much of the raw denim community prefers to use more traditional fabrics. And making many of these materials water repellent is easy–just remember wax on, water off.

Keep in mind, waxed garments aren’t maintenance free. The more you wear them, the more the wax wears away, much the same way that indigo fades. You can embrace the wabi-sabi and accept these created imperfections, or take on the messy ordeal of re-waxing your jacket. Either way, your jacket is going to be even more personalized.

1) Naked and Famous: Type III in Waxed Indigo


First up is Naked and Famous take on the classic Type III jacket. Their Waxed Coated Type III‘s pattern is the same as that of Levi’s, but the deep indigo dye and wax coating really set this jacket apart from the other Type III’s on the market. It’s so dark that it almost appears black at first glance but with time its true blue shade will being to show through; at the same time, the wax’s high sheen will become more matte at points of wear and develop a patina all its own.

Available for $110 from Tate and Yoko.

2) 3Sixteen: Stadium Jacket in Waxed Olive Canvas


Just because a jacket is waxed doesn’t mean it has to be shiny, and 3sixteen‘s Stadium Jacket is proof of that fact. This model features a nicely textured olive canvas, a texture that looks especially good due to the wrinkles that are present throughout the fabric. This jacket is completed with contrasting black-quilted lining, which matches the black ribbing at the collar, waist, cuffs, and hand pockets.

Available for $330 from 3Sixteen.

3) Gustin: Trucker in Waxed Black


Gustin’s Trucker Jacket is rather divisive — the top half of the torso is a classic Type III, but the bottom half is modified to include to diagonal hand pockets. To some this design strays too far from the original, but to others the added functionality justifies all the changes made to the pattern. If you are one of the latter, than this jacket would make and ideal fall/winter jacket for you.

Available for $139 from Gustin.

4) Native Youth: Fishtail Parka in Waxed Navy


Fishtail parkas were initially designed for members of the military, and while Native Youth’s Fishtail Parka isn’t military-tested, that doesn’t mean it’s any less solidly constructed. This jacket takes keeping-you-dry incredibly seriously, which is not only seen its long length but also in its drawstring hood and flapped front pockets. It’s finished with a removable vest lining, so you can reach for this jacket regardless of how cold out it is.

Available for $305 from East Dane

5) Rogue Territory: Lined Supply Jacket in Waxed Tan


Although waxed fabrics help to repel water, that isn’t the only thing to look for a winter-time jacket. Warmth is another key factor that needs to be considered, and Rogue Territory obviously kept that in mind when designing their Lined Supply Jacket. This jacket features a heavy-duty wool lining, which was milled exclusively for Rogue Territory at Faribault Woolen Mills. Even the front pockets of this jacket are lined, so your hands are sure to be kept nice and toasty this winter.

Available for $389 from Rogue Territory.

Plus One – Barbour: Latrigg Jacket in Waxed Olive


If there is one thing Barbour is known for, it’s their waxed jackets. They come is all shapes and styles, but in my view the one most ideal for rainy weather is the Latrigg Jacket. Not only is it made from a beautiful waxed olive fabric, but the inclusion of a hood and the jacket’s long length make it ideal for bad weather. A lot of Barbour jackets feature garish patches on the chest and arms, but the Latrigg is different: it exemplifies simple lines and clean silhouettes, similarly to the majority of raw denim.

Available for $379 from End Clothing.

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