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Freenote Cloth x Red Wing 110 Year Denim Rios Slim Straight

If there were a greatest hits album for heritage clothing, Red Wing boots and Cone Mills denim would easily make the top five. There are few things that go as well with denim than big leather boots, and the guys at Freenote Cloth have managed to combine these two American icons into one cohesive garment, the 110 Year Denim.

Now Freenote doesn’t expect these jeans to last over a century and they’ve been in business for less than a decade, so where does that 110 number come from? 2015 marks the 110th anniversary of both Red Wing and the first denim output by Cone Mills (1905 was apparently a banner year for manufacturing). The jean combines Cone’s 13.25oz. natural plant indigo-dyed denim, an embossed patch made out of Oro Legacy leather from Red Wing’s S.B. Foot tannery in Minnesota, and done Freenote’s Rios slim fit (see our review of the fit here).

Have a look at the full details on Freenote’s website, they’re available for $250 and they certainly won’t be around for 110 years.