Long Wallets – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Everyone has their own opinions on what constitutes the perfect wallet. Some people don’t carry much, which makes a minimalist cardholder is perfect for them. Others prefer a more traditional bi-fold, and appreciate being able to fit bills inside without needing to fold them first. But for some of us neither of these styles is quite right–we’re the kind of people who hate having to pare-down what we keep in our wallets. For some of us, we need to have it all.

If this sounds like you, then welcome to the wonder world of long wallets. They come in all manner of different shapes, but one thing remains the same: you’ll have room for your bills, and they’ll remain unfolded even when your wallet is closed. Some have chains, and some have zippers, but all of them have room for everything you need.

1) Voyej: Admiral Americana in Drum-Dyed London Tan


First up is the Admiral Americana from Voyej, a small Indonesian brand known for making substantial, hand-sewn leather goods at a palatable price. It features ten card slots (four hidden), three bill slots, several hidden compartments, and a gusseted snap-enclosed pouch. It’s constructed using a drum-dyed veg-tan, artificial sinew thread, Hato Hasi hardware, and comes with a leather chain to attach to the brass D-ring.

Available for $148 from Voyej in London Tan (pictured) and Natural.

2) Kawatako: Classic Long Wallet in Indigo


Kawatako is a Japanese brand known for making some of the highest quality leather-goods on the market. Their Classic Long Wallet features seven card slots, a zippered coin pocket, and two bill slots. It is constructed using TAKO brass hardware and an Italian veg-tan that has been overdyed in indigo. This leather will age beautifully, but it is indigo dyed so be careful around lighter-colored clothing. Like all of Kawatako’s stitched items, this wallet is handsewn in Japan.

Available for $440 from Corlection Store.

3) Obbi Good Label: Kingsmen Long Wallet in Ash Brown


Obbi Good Label is another brand devoted to offering handmade leather goods at a lower price point that much of the competition. This model features ten card slots and two bill folds, but it is just one of their many offerings. Some of their other popular long wallets  are trucker-style with a snap front closure, and a vintage 1930s style with sterling silver hardware.

Available for $215 from Obbi Good Label.

4) Tanner Goods: Workman Wallet in Black


Tanner Goods’  leather products have been generating buzz for years, and their Workman Wallet is a prime example of why people are talking. It’s simple, solidly constructed, and remarkably sleek for a long-style wallet. It is slightly smaller than many long wallets out there, featuring four card slots, two money slots, and a zippered pouch, but that’s still some serious carrying capacity. This model is made in Portland, Oregon with 3.5Oz. English bridle and a RiRi zipper.

Available for $150 from Tanner Goods in cognac bridle (pictured), black bridle, hickory bridle, saddle tan bridle, and natural veg-tan.

5) Redmoon: CW-02A in Black


For a lot of people, you can’t talk about long wallets without talking about Redmoon, and here at Heddels we tend to agree. Redmoon’s long wallets are some of the chunkiest on the market, usually featuring large silver conchos, a braided leather tether, and a strapped snap closure. This model is made from a black cowide, and features a single card slot, a zippered pouch, and multiple cash pockets.

Available for $406 from Cultizm.

Plus One – Naked and Famous: Long Wallet in Black Shark


Naked and Famous is well known for their innovation in raw denim, and that same creativity can be found in their long wallets. They aren’t the largest wallets on the market, but each one beautifully features a different exotic leather. The one shown above is black sharkskin, but they are also available using caiman and ostrich leathers. Each wallet features six card slots, one zippered pouch, a bill slot — and each is finished with an ornamental silver concho.

Available for $480 from Tate + Yoko in Black Shark (pictured), Black Caiman, Black Ostrich, and Brown Ostrich.