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Railcar Fine Goods Felon Long Sleeve Denim Shirt

There are denim shirts, and then, there are denim shirts. The Railcar Fine Goods Felon Long Sleeve Shirt is the latter. It’s cut from a 6.5 oz. Japanese selvedge denim and features some interesting details. For starters, all the seams are felled using double chainstitch stitching, so there are no exposed seams.

Selvedge is used every which way, too. It’s at the gussets (decorated with some sweet chainstitch runoff), it runs along the button placket, and it also makes up the center back seam. If those details don’t really stand out, the two chest pockets will.

This is a one-time production and you can pick it up before it’s gone for $248 at Railcar Fine Goods.