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American Trench 3 Stitch Socks Review – Worn Out

Worn Out is our series of product reviews where we take an in-depth field test with many of the most sought after items. Whether it’s raw denim, shirting, footwear, outerwear, or accessories, we’re here to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly before you make your purchase.

Since relocating to Southern California, I haven’t been much of a sock wearer (much to the chagrin of anyone downwind of me when I kick off my Vans, but that’s another story). However, it appears that the mercury can plummet this time of year in Venice Beach, resulting in temps hovering in the mid-60s! Brrr! So, in the evening and at night, I’ve been oh so glad to have these new 3 Stitch Socks from American Trench to aid in braving the elements.


  • Name: American Trench 3 Stitch Cashmere Blend Socks (A classic and versatile “3 stitch pattern”)
  • Fabric: 31% merino, 32% nylon, 21% viscose, 8% cashmere, 5% angora, 2% other fiber, 1% spandex
  • Made in: Knit in Pennsylvania at a family owned mill using Italian spun yarn merino & cashmere blend yarn
  • Available for $23 from Huckberry.

The Materials


Unlike the 100% cotton we denim devotees prefer, when it comes to socks, a little material alchemy is necessary to achieve the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and fit. The headline ingredient here is cashmere, at 8%. That’s a nice amount, especially when you toss in some merino wool and angora to boot.

I have worn 100% cashmere socks in the past—and this was when I was living in wintery NYC—and my feet were hot (and whatever degree of “hot” you’re thinking, it was hotter than that). They were super soft, yes, but super too warm, and a pain to launder. 100% is too much cashmere. And dry clean socks? Not this guy.


I firmly believe that when we upgrade the small things in our life that we usually take for granted, that is when we experience some of the greatest luxuries. (Try heavy cream in your coffee and you’ll want to punch Half & Half in the face.) And when that upgrade is just $23, it doesn’t get to be much more of a no brainer.

Is $23 an awful lot for a pair of socks, even for us? Not really. It’s barely twice the price of “normal” nice socks, and these are way more than twice as nice. (My math worked out to about 6.8x as nice.)  These socks feel great, plenty soft and not too dress socky, they stay up, and you can toss them in the wash (just so long as you remember to air dry them). Yes, they only come in one size, and at a life long lanky 6’3, that condition has never served me well, but my feet fit in them comfortably (I’m a 12 in Vans).

The Utility


I show a lot of ankle thanks to my normal 2” cuff, so it’s nice to have something snazzy to show off. These orange and blue socks are squarely in the gray area between casual and dress wear, and considering I wear jeans with jackets and ties all the time, my whole wardrobe is in that same gray area. My guess is that yours is too. They wash well and the second and third wearings feel as swell as the first. They would not look out of place beneath “slacks.” (I would.)

The Conclusion

We spend a lot on our clothes, so deciding to buy a new pair of premium jeans when we already have more than a few pair can be a negotiation with your bank account. That’s really not the case here, so there’s no reason not to sensibly splurge on some new socks like these (and American Trench has a lot more options where these came from). You deserve it.

The older I get, the more I realize that nothing I put on my body should come in plastic bags of six and available in the same store where I buy deodorant. You’ve got the Japanese hand loomed and some heritage boots—this is what’s next. After socks is underwear, but I don’t know you well enough to discuss that yet. Especially not at this time of year (unless I’ve been hitting the nog). So there’s something to look forward to. Until then, happy holidays, but don’t hang one of these socks over the chimney. You’ve been good and they won’t hold nearly enough.

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