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Fade of the Day – Edwin ED-55 (11 Months, 4 Washes)

Fade of the Day – Edwin ED-55 (11 Months, 4 Washes)

Before. Courtesy: End. Clothing

It’s a new morning on Heddels and you know what that means–it’s time for the Fade of the Day. Today we’ve got a nice pair of Edwin ED-55‘s worn for just under a year and submitted by Johan Igelström from Sweden. Johan is an active photographer, and likes to commit to the shot even if that means getting down and dirty on the ground. His efforts have earned him some nice shots and simultaneously some nice fades especially around the knees and whiskering at the thighs, as well as some very distinct fades from EDC’s.

Check out some of his photos here.


  • Name: Edwin ED-55
  • Fabric: 100% European cotton selvedge denim
  • Weight: 11.5 oz.
  • Fit: Relaxed taper
  • Unique Features:
    • The first use of European white selvedge denim for Edwin
    • Signature “W” arcs 
  • Available for $159 at End Clothing