Japan Blue Jeans Light Indigo Vintage Shirt

Rampuya sub-brand Japan Blue occupies a strange spot in the Japanese denim scene. Their quality is pretty spot on, their fits are admirable, their prices are amazing, but the identity of the brand is often gobbled up by their big brother Momotaro.

Shirts like this, however, show they’ve still got a lot to say for themselves. With a raw indigo chambray, this button down collar shirt could have played it safe. They could’ve just gone with your standard placket front, single-button barrel cuff, with uncovered scoops on the hem and nobody would have thought any less of Japan Blue.

But they didn’t. They went the extra mile to create a unique vintage hybrid:  standard indigo office shirt up top and vintage inspired details below. All this made in Japan goodness can be yours for 11,800 Yen ($98USD), but you may have to wade through some auto-translate and proxy to get there. Have a look at the Japan Blue website.