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Lady White Co. x Brooklyn Circus Sport Tees

Everyone needs a good t-shirt. And, even if you can’t afford a pair of $200+ jeans, you can at least upgrade your basics. You might already know that Lady White Co. makes some of the best t-shirts out there. What you might not know is that they’ve recently collaborated with Brooklyn Circus to make a pair of collegiately colored tees.

Crafted in a mid-weight tubular knit jersey using the same high quality cotton from North Carolina, the exclusive tees come in burgundy and camel, inspiration taken from the military academy. Normally, Lady White’s M.O. is to go sans branding. However, for this special set, they’ve included a small, water-based BKc logo at the hem.

You can find them for $60 at both BKc’s San Francisco and New York locations as well as online.