Rancourt Dark Olive Bison 4 Eye Ranger Moc

From the northern reaches of Maine, the fine folks at Rancourt are at it again with a new take on their classic low top–the Dark Olive Bison 4 Eye Ranger Moc. An iteration on their Mackworth Ranger Moccasin with Maine’s Portland Dry Goods, this new version features a bison leather sourced from a local tannery in Maine. While bison is a heavy duty yet surprisingly soft skin, Rancourt also lined the shoe for strength and rigidity.

These mocs are completed with a Reltex Aspen sole, which is more for city strolling in these colder months than trail hiking. Rancourt ties it all together they come with a pair of cinnamon rawhide laces for a shoe that will certainly get more heads turning than your standard brown Chromexcel.

Available for $355 at Portland Dry Goods.