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A.P.C. x Aesop Post Poo Drops Bathroom Deodorizer

Jean Touitou’s label A.P.C. has long since outgrown the moniker of being a mere clothing brand. The “Atelier de Production et Creation” is a full fledged “lifestyle” juggernaut that has inroads into every aspect of your existence and the latest frontier they’ve set sights on is making your shit smell better.

No joke.

The French brand has partnered with Australian grooming and tonic makers Aesop to produce something called titled Post Poo Drops (that’s “Gouettes Anti-Odeur de Merde” for you Francophones). Like a hyped up bottle of Glade, the concoction is a mixture of citrus and flower aromatics that should cancel out any airborne poo particles.

You wouldn’t think bathroom smell would bother A.P.C. when their denim washing policy advocates waiting as long as humanly possible and then washing in the ocean, but who are we to judge? Perhaps they can be used on jeans as well.

The 3.4oz. dropper set (a size that sadly negates it’s use in airplane bathrooms) is available for $29 at Aesop.