Stevenson Overall Company Cody Snap Shirt

Your classic Levi’s sawtooth western shirt is a staple piece of heritage clothing, but if you want a twist on a classic, the Stevenson Overall Company Cody Snap Shirt is the denim shirt. It’s got more curves than your average western shirt, so it’ll stand out from the denim laden cowboy crowd a little bit. And, if you’re looking for finer details beyond some fancy yokes, this one’s get ’em.

It uses a rinsed 6.5 oz. pure indigo cotton denim with Zimbabwe cotton for starters. SPI peepers will be satisfied, too, as it’s got a pretty fine stitch count. And, rather than your traditional pearl snap buttons, as nice as they may be, Stevenson put this together with Belnap stone snap buttons.

Available for $255 at Self Edge.