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Fade of the Day – Red Wing 8166 (8 Months)

If you want to see boots that have plenty of patina and character on them, find a person likeJosh Rosengren from Wisconsin. Josh works as a carpenter and a laborer doing various things that mostly involve beating the crap out of his Red Wing Heritage boots.

The toes are a shade darker than the rest of the boot creating a wearers toe cap. That will happen when you’re constantly hitting your toes on concrete slabs. The tongues are embedded with lace marks and the insoles were dyed due to weather conditions. Josh oils them weekly and sometimes bi-weekly which contributes greatly to the look of the boots.


  • Name: Red Wing Heritage No. 8166
  • Material: Oro-Russet Portage Leather
  • Unique Features:
    • Round toe
    • White Traction Tred sole
    • Goodyear welt construction
  • Available for $174.99 – $311.75 at Amazon