Key Holders – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

No one likes fumbling for their keys in the morning, hot coffee in one hand and briefcase in the other, and having a decent key holder can make all the difference in the world. Whether like you key hooks, chains, lanyards, or cases, there’s a product out there to make you life easier.

To some, these extravagant key accessories might seem esoteric, but to others the extra expense makes perfect sense. Sure the products might seem mundane to some, but this is about buying quality versions of the things we all use everyday.

1) Corter Leather: Bottlehook Key Ring


Corter’s Bottlehook Key Ring is a classic. It’s design allows it to be securely linked to your belt loop while still being easy to unhook when you’re in a hurry. This version is constructed of either solid brass or plated steel, and is entirely made and assembled in the United States. It comes with the bottlehook, key ring, leather ID tag, and a lifetime warranty.

Available for $37 from Corter Leather.

2) Phigvel: Horsehide Key Holder in Black


Japanese company Phigvel produces a wide array of different products, but they are best known for their engineer boots. The boot making process left them with tons of excess leather not large enough to produce boots, so Phigvel has took these horsehide remnants and used them to produce small leather goods, such as their Horsehide Key Holder. It appears to be based off of vintage key holder designs, particularity those use at car dealerships, and the beautiful horsehide used will ensure it ages wonderfully.

Available for $49 from Hickorees.

3) Tanner Goods: Key Lanyard in Mahogany


Like the Corter Bootlehook above, I would be remiss if I didn’t include Tanner Goods’ Laynard somewhere on this list. It may not be as useful as some other key holders when it comes quickly getting your hands on your keys, but it is a great way to securely store anything you have on your keychain. This model 11Oz. veg tan that has been dyed to a Mahogany brown, but a variety of leathers and colors are available.

Available for $55 from Blue Owl.

4) Good Art Hlywd: Belt Loop Buddy in Sterling Silver


For those who want something a bit more elegant, look no further than Good Art Hlywd, whose sterling silver Belt Loop Buddy is dazzling to say at the least. Sure it’s pricey, but when you take into account the uniqueness of the design and the cost of the sterling silver, the high prices starts to look a lot more reasonable. At $345, it most likely costs more than the jeans you’re hanging it from, but the clever design ensures this key chain will never fall off accidentally.

Available for $345 from Good Art Hlywd.

5) The Superior Labor: Superior Key Holder


The Superior Labor produces a ridiculously wide array of accessories. Even if you are only on the market for key holder, they have a style out there for everyone, but their Superior Key Holder is definitely one of their nice offerings. It’s designed off key rings from the early twentieth century, and features a pinch-unlock design to securely hold your keys, whether they’re in your pocket, clipped to your belt loops, or hanging from a lanyard.

Available for $48CAD from Blue Button Shop.

Plus One – Kapital: Hickoree Cover Key Chain


Be honest, who hasn’t dreamed about having a key chain in the shape of a shirt made out of hickory striped denim? It was a completely untapped market, and Kapital knew just how to exploit it. This made-in-Japan Hickoree Cover Key Chain is every denimheads’ perfect key chain. And if the hickoree stripe doesn’t quite due it for you, no matter — it is also available in normal, indigo denim.

Available for $77CAD from Blue Button Shop.