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Leather Coin Cases – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Let’s be honest, it’s a lot of fun to watch leather age over time. I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of wanting to buy more wallets, belts, and boots than strictly necessary just so I can watch them get a patina. But sadly, the more of these items you buy the less wear they get. So why not break the cycle, and buy something a bit off the beaten path, like a coin pouch?

Be it coins, keys, or just the random things rattling around in your pockets, you’ll be happy to have a convenient place to store everything.

1) Voyej: Vasa Vi in Cayenne Red


I know, I know — I talk about Voyej a lot, but that’s just because they really are one of the most reasonable leather goods companies out there. That, in addition to their many different designs, gives them mass appeal beyond that of many other companies. Now to be honest, the Vasa Vi is a bit more than just a coin pouch, as it does have several external card slots, but it’s design is compact that it can easily be carried in addition to a wallet without feeling overburdened.

Available for $52 from Voyej.

2) Tender: Fishtail Coin Purse in Brown Wattle Leather


It’s too bad the United States doesn’t have very many coin pouches available, due in part to our coins are lower in relative value than those of other countries, but luckily our friends across the Atlantic have our backs! The Tender Fishtail Coin Purse has a unique pinch-open design, which only works due to the stiffness of the wattle-tanned leather.

Available for £35 from Trestle Stores.

3) Building Block: Coin Dumpling in Natural Veg-Tan


Build Block brings us another pinch-open coin purse, which they affectionately call the Coin Dumpling. Like the Tender coin purse above, this one also opens with a pinch design. However, in this case the pouch contains a spring mechanism, which allows its shape to be significantly rounder rather like–well–a dumpling.

Available for $90 from Need Supply.

4) Obbi Good Label: Brave Snap Coin Pouch in Rio Khaki


After seeing all the fancy pinch-opening and zip-topped coin pouches, it’s hard to not want something a little simpler, and that’s exactly what Obbi Good Label delivers. As its name implies, the Brave Snap Coin Pouch is a snapping coin pouch made of just two pieces of leather. Cut, sew, sell — it doesn’t get much straightforward than that, but for a coin pouch does it really need to be?

Available for $49 from Obbi Good Label.

5) Free Spirit: Anchor Bridge Coin Case


Free Spirit’s Anchor Bridge Coin Case is a great interpretation of the classic coin case. The gusseted sides of the case not only increase its carrying capacity, but help keep change from for spilling out when its opening. Available in three leathers: two leathers from Buttero of Italy, as well a leather from African Kudu.

Available for $123 from Free Spirits.

Plus One – Superior Labor: Dog Coin Case in Navy


Nothing on this list strike your fancy so far? Well how about Superior Labor’s Dog Coin Case? It may be a bit out there, but hey, that’s why you’re here. To me, the most striking part of this design isn’t how crazy it is, but rather how similar it is to other coin cases. Cut the bottom of the flap slightly differently, punch a few eye-holes, slap some scrap leather on the sides, and BAM! You have yourself a dog pouch.

Available for $72 from Blue Button Shop.

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