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Sugar Cane Summer Indigo Shirting

Do you find yourself every late June swapping out those heavy oz. denim pieces for your light weight rolled up khakis and unbuttoned polo shirts? Well one thing is for sure, Sugar Cane is here to say otherwise with their new line of Summer Indigo Shirting to kick off the warmer months.

Right off the bat, you’ll find two new 8oz. denim button downs. They’ve done well covering their bases too, with one western styled option and one more standard, utilitarian variant. Next, there are two lighter colored and tight-checked shirts that look right out of the farm closet, made with a unique and exclusive Sugar Cane developed woven fabric. And finally, classic plaid kicked up a notch in the Desolate Indigo Castle and Panama shirts. Almost a mock sashiko job, Desolate features a three shade indigo dye with natural yarn needlework throughout for a unique yet appropriately airy take on the summer shirt.

Available from $170-$230 at Self Edge.