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Dawson Denim DD06 Wabash 11oz. Sack Jacket

As far as chore coats go, they’re generally pretty basic. Button front with a few patch pockets, maybe a pen pocket, and you’re ready to do chores. But if you want to take your workwear to a heightened level of heritage, wabash would be the way to do it. Dawson Denim’s DD06 Wabash 11oz. Sack Jacket is your basic chore coat and then some should you choose to look further into it.

The pockets, which are lined with Japanese herringbone fabric, have a little more shape to them than your average Pointer Brand chore coat. The wabash stripes line up nicely with the pockets, a detail that requires some more thought and attention. Other closeup details include a hidden internal pocket, selvedge hanger loop, branded die cast buttons, and a spectacle loop.

If you’re thinking about adding this piece to your closet, you’d better make up your mind quickly because they’re made to order and they’re only planning on making 10.

Find it at Dawson Denim for £250 (~$350USD).