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Fade of the Day – Filson Short Tin Cruiser (2 Years)

When you work as a sales rep for Filson, you wear your gear hard. Geoff Samples from Twin Cities, Minnesota sent us over his Short Tin Cruiser at two years of wear doing everything from traveling around the Great Lakes to fishing, camping, and hunting. Filson’s Tin Cloth is known for taking a serious beating and showing a ton of character, and this jacket is well on it’s way with some great patina developing on the front and on the cuffs, as well as the coveted elbow honeycombs.


  • Name: Filson Short Tin Cruiser
  • Fabric: Tin Cloth
  • Weight: 15oz.
  • Other details:
    • Water repellent, oil finish Tin Cloth material
  • Available in a lined version for $325 at Filson