Fade of the Day – Nudie Jeans Co. Andreasson Leather Wallet (2 Years)

Nudie Andreasson Wallet Before

Before. Courtesy: Nudie Jeans co.

The next best thing to watching jeans fade over time is to watch leather fade over time. Kamil from Essen, Germany brings us this Andreasson wallet made by Nudie Jeans Co. A wallet is an essential part of someones wardrobe so it is important to get one with quality and Nudie did it right with this one. It has a unique closing strap and inner zipper pocket which gave a dark fade line on the opposite fold. The wallet has darkened nicely and is soft due to Kamila treating it with leather wax every three to four months.


  • Name: Nudie Jeans Co. Andreasson Leather Wallet
  • Material: 100% vegetable tanned leather
  • Unique Features:
    • Coin pocket with silver zip and customized puller
    • Elastic band
  • No longer available