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Fade of the Day – Vintage Leather Rucksack (10+ Years)

When it comes to the world of raw denim and its periphery accessories, it’s easy to get caught up in brand names and provenance. However, there’s always that mysterious piece with no brand, no known age, or history. It simply jumps up out of the ether and just by looking it at, you know you want it in your life.

Today’s fade is a vintage leather rucksack that was sent to us by Daniel Gapinski of Poland. He doesn’t know much about this bag, but he does know that he cleaned it with leather soap, and oiled it twice. Whoever made this bag, it’s a beautiful little piece that is sure to serve Daniel well for years.


  • Name: Unknown
  • Material: Leather
  • Unique Features:
    • Zip pouch
    • Riveted
    • Roller buckles
  • No longer available…or is it?