Graham Point Handwoven Selvedge Jeans Kickstarter

Handwoven selvedge denim is not a common occurrence. Outside of Momotaro‘s handwoven denim, it’s a rare sight to see. But, out of the crowdfunding cesspool that is KickstarterGraham Point emerges, with vintage sewing machines sewing jeans from handwoven denim.

They’ve got three denim fabrics on offer. The first is what they call ‘Java,’ an almost dark cobalt blue denim with some weft slub that is more apparent on the inside of the garment. The second is ‘Bali,’ an indigo x indigo denim with a double red selvedge ID. With several days left in the project, they’ve also reached their stretch goal thus unlocking their third fabric, a black x black denim.

In addition to the very unique handwoven denim, you’ll find some solid construction details including felled inseams, hidden rivets, and a continuous fly. Batik, a traditional Indonesian resist dyed fabric, is also used for the pocket bags as well as for lining the yoke and rear pockets. It’s a nice touch that draws the Indonesian connection elegantly. But from our firsthand experience, the fabric is very thin. It’s practically the same weight as a bandanna, so the pockets probably won’t last very long.

You can go crazy with the details, too, if you want. From the thread color to monograms to custom arcuates to double coin pockets, it’s as close to a designer as you can be without actually being a designer. But be warned, your design can end up in our Worst Of series. And in case you’re asking, they say that they can’t put another brand’s arcuate on the pockets even though their custom arcuate examples totally include arcuates from other brands. Whatever the case is, just don’t do that.

The project ends May 1st, 2016 and you can back the project via Kickstarter.