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Nigel Cabourn x Converse 70s Ventile Chucks

Nigel Cabourn returns in step with Converse for another iteration of their Ventile Chucks. If you’re caught in a surprise spring shower and you’ve got your galoshes packed away in storage, these will save you from a wet sock situation [save the vent holes –Ed].

Though the tongue isn’t gusseted, your feet should still be safe from plenty of splashes. This season’s version uses the 70’s Chuck model with a navy blue upper with an RAF grey lining and swaps out flat laces for rounded paracord ones. Inspired by the 1955 Trans Antarctic expedition, they may not get you through the arctic, but they’ll certainly get you through Atlantic Avenue.

Exclusive and available for £125 (~$180USD) at Nigel Cabourn.