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Oak Street Bootmakers Double Sole Wingtip Shoes


Oak Street Bootmakers Double Sole Wingtip Shoes


Oak Street Bootmakers Black Double Sole Wingtip Shoes


Oak Street Bootmakers Bourbon Double Sole Wingtip Shoes


Oak Street Bootmakers Chocolate Double Sole Wingtip Shoes

Some footwear styles will never grow old, and Oak Street Bootmakers are well aware of which as evidenced by the release of their new Double Sole Wingtip Shoes. The brogues are offered in three color ways – Bourbon, Chocolate, and Black.

With a Goodyear construction and a wheeled welt, there’s no doubt that these shoes are made to last (no pun intended). Fully recraftable construction means you can get them repaired as time requires and still have a great pair of shoes.

Available for $486 at Oak Street Bootmakers.