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Pure Blue Japan Indigo “Komon” Shirt, Bandana, Scarf

Clothes with bandana prints on them, Komon, I’m dyeing over here! Pure Blue Japan, swears they didn’t mix up their swatches when they released this collection of bandana print items including a shirt, scarf, and the titular item itself.

The Japanese denim brand has long been revered for its slubby fabric and their unusual dyes, but it’s the removal of the dye that’s turning heads this time around. The Komon printing process involves the discharge removal of the indigo dye to reveal the white “shoai” indigo leaf pattern. Everything’s once washed, so you don’t have to worry about shrinkage, and all made by PBJ in Japan.

You can find the whole set for 30-190 GBP ($43-$269 USD) at Rivet & Hide.