Roy KS1002 Kinda Special Denim Restock, Sells Direct

Until now, the only way to get your legs in a pair of Roy denim was through the fine folks over at Self Edge. Thankfully, the name Roy has set up shop on the interwebs, thereby making his highly sought-after denim handiwork directly available to fans.

The latest, KS1002 Kinda Special, is a reissue of 2014’s original design, using the remaining 14.5oz. loomstate fabric from Roy’s exclusive collaboration with Cone Denim‘s White Oak factory. The weft is made with black seed Pima cotton, and the ID line’s faded red color is specifically inspired by a favorite old T-shirt of Roy’s.

For those comparing to the original KS’s, look for a slightly taller waistline and easier buttoning, plus stronger threads along seams and improved engineering on the belt loops.

And did we mention that they’re $90 cheaper than before? Available for $255 at Roy Denim…and it’s sold out.