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Samurai Slim Tapered S0511XX Jeans

At long last, Samurai is making itself available to those who favor a slim cut to their denim. The brand has made a name for itself with its strong, beautifully fade-friendly denim and exceptional construction, but the Samurai silhouette swings pretty wide.

Their new model, Slim Tapered S0511XX, brings together a comfortable cut at the waist and thigh with a narrow leg below the knee. The emphasis on the slim calf helps wearers of any size maintain a trim profile. The jeans are constructed with 15oz. denim woven from Texas-grown cotton. Other features include a button fly with classic Samurai sunrise buttons, as well as their signature silver-threaded selvedge, contrast stitching in yellow and gold, and leather waistband patch.

If you want to slim down your denim wardrobe, you can stock up over at Samurai for 24000 JPY, or around $217.