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Fade of the Day – Oldblue Co. 21/23oz. Heavyweight Beast (3 Years, 4 Months, Unknown Washes, Unknown Soaks)

Today’s fade is coming at us from Kenny Doggyu who resides in Jakarta, Indonesia. His pair of Oldblue Co.‘s is heavy at 21/23 oz. meaning these fades didn’t come easy. Wearing them everyday to school and on his motorcycle, Kenny’s pair has heavy fading on the back pockets. His lap fade has almost none of the original indigo left with staggered whiskers throughout.

Heavyweight denim usually proves to be tougher and less susceptible to blowouts and other rips. Kenny really put them to the test when he took a spill while riding his motorcycle. Thankfully, all that happened to the jeans was a lost rivet on the coin pocket. Talk about quality in denim. Oh, and Kenny’s made it out of the crash alive. That too.


  • Name: Oldblue Co. Heavyweight Edition
  • Fabric: 100% cotton selvedge denim
  • Weight: 21oz. pre-soak, 23oz. post-soak
  • Fit: Slim straight
  • Unique Features:
    • Red hickory stripe pocket bags
    • Thick, US horsehide leather patch
    • Japanese hardware
  • Available for $286 at Chain Stitches