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Introducing the Sale Finder – The Sales Search Tool

For the past two years, we’ve published a weekly list of the best sales we could find on the internet as the Sales Compendium (and by we, I mean Charlie). But as the Compendium swelled in popularity, so did its contents–up to thousands of links a week in one giant text page list.

It quickly became a beast too large to view as a post, so several months ago, we set to work creating an interactive web app similar to our Denim Scout and Store Guide that would let you sort through the sales we’ve amassed with ease. Today, we’re proud to launch that web app, the Sale Finder.

You can sort by brand, by store, by location, or the size of the discount, you can even type in to search! You’ll also be able to see an image of the item and how long ago the sale was posted. The sales are collected and posted daily, so if it’s on the Sale Finder, you can rest assured that it was still in stock and on the retailer’s site within the past 24 hours. We’re currently pulling sale information from over 75 retailers for over 3,000 total products, all curated by us so only the best brands make it through.

The SF is still very much in version 1.0, so if you see any issues or bugs, please let us know via the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Iterations and updates are soon to follow.

But don’t think our weekly photoshops are going anywhere. Our Sales Compendium will live on as the Sale Finder Shortlist–the several dozen highlights from the more than 3,000 sales currently in the Sale Finder. Otherwise, enjoy the sales and check back frequently, there are always more sales being added.

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