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Iron Heart IH-666-ST Ivory Sateen 14oz. Jeans

By now you may have started to hang up the dark, heavy clothes (and possibly emotions) from winter in anticipation of the brighter and warmer months to come. Iron Heart is back with another pair of lighter weight jeans, and this time in ivory. The new IH-666-ST Ivory Sateen 14oz. jeans feature a slim straight cut and some unique fabric.

By definition, satin is made with silk, cotton or polyester having four or more weft yarns floating over a warp yarn (or the opposite), thus creating an even weave where light is more easily dispersed creating a sheen. In this case, the same method was used but when you swap the silk for cotton, you get a sateen.

But enough about the ins and outs of fabric theory. These jeans are washed once, and feature all of Iron Heart’s classic details like silver hardware, signature arcs, and leather patch.

Available for $295 at Iron Heart.