Left Field 18oz. Black Maria Double Black Jeans


Left Field 18 oz. Black Maria in the Chelsea fit.


Left Field 18 oz. Black Maria in the Greaser fit.

Named after the carts that would haul the dead out of coal mines, Left Field‘s Black Maria is one of their most popular fabrics to date. Capable of killer fades like these, the morbid curiosity surrounding this denim is obvious.

This round, the Black Maria gets even darker, and even heavier. The 18oz. Black Maria is made by Collect Mills with a sulphur dyed warp and weft just like the original. But this version beefs up into another weight class entirely, weighing a full quarter pound more than the original. This should translate to heftier fades with thicker creases. Definitely no complaints here.

They’ll be made into each one of Left Field’s silhouettes, and they’re all currently on pre-order for $250.