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Nudie Jeans Ture Denim Picnic Blanket

It’s the sunny side of the year and that means picnics aplenty. While you’re out having a lovely spring picnic in the park with your friends and loved ones, lay down any one of Nudie Jeans Co.‘s new Ture Denim Picnic Blankets. Now, you can save your sick fades from pesky grass stains and spilled sodas with this simple upgrade.

They’re made of washed blankets which they’ve lined with denim to give it some sturdiness because, you know, picnic blankets generally tend to be too pliable these days. And what makes it more than your average denim picnic blanket is the addition of a natural veg tan belt to keep it rolled up and secure because, even when folded up, picnic blankets are always so cumbersome to keep from unraveling.

Available at Nudie for $155.

Wait. How much?! Essentially, it is a yard of denim rolled up into a veg-tan belt. Do yourself a favor and go to the White Oak Shop, buy yourself a couple yards of denim and sew it yourself at home. You can even take an old blanket and make a denim duvet. If you want to be really fancy, get your natural leather belt (because we know you’ve got one) and roll it up in that.