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Pure Blue Japan AI-13-TSM Hand-Dyed Natural Indigo Jeans

Pure Blue Japan has just released a hand-dyed indigo jean that leaves slightly more cash in your wallet than previous iterations we’ve seen. A cool $355 gets your legs in a pair of pants that’s dyed by hand with natural indigo harvested from Japan’s Tokushima prefecture (an historic source of indigo with government-certified expertise required to administer it to denim).

Constructed with 13.5oz. selvedge denim, the jeans also feature a deerskin leather patch, herringbone twill pocket lining, a button fly, and 100% cotton stitches. Plus, of course, the usual delights of hand-dyed denim: a visibly variable slub texture, and radiant, long-lasting indigo color.

Available for $355 at Okayama Denim.