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Samurai S310SP16 17oz. Selvedge Denim Jorts

First of all, this writer isn’t sure that denim shorts hemmed by the manufacturer can be called jorts – the bizarre name is earned through the DIY scissor hackjob, right? Tomato, tomahto, and in the meantime Samurai has whipped up a pair of heavy-duty denim shorts, so that loyal heavyweight fans can now work on their fades in the summer, too.

The cut of the S310SP16 is based on Samurai’s Futoshimi silhouette (S310XX). Features include the usual sunrise button fly, signature Samurai arcuate, and unique imagery on the waistband patch. Constructed with once washed 17oz. selvedge denim, be prepared for a few summers of simply breaking these in.

Available for $193.48 on Rakuten.