Shockoe Atelier $95 Deadstock Dungaree Jeans

If you follow the work of Shockoe Atelier, you know that they appreciate the art of the story that goes into making a quality product, and their new $95 Deadstock Dungaree Jeans may just be one of the most interesting stories yet. When searching through an abandoned factory outside of Richmond, VA looking for old furniture and equipment, they stumbled upon some leftover rolls of unlabeled deadstock denim. So naturally, they pulled them out and turned them into jeans.

The fabric used is 13oz. non-selvedge, coarse-grain and bright natural indigo in hue. They feature rolled and tucked belt loops, copper rivets throughout, two piece waistband, and old school Shockoe Denim buttons with their tobacco leaf stamp. Produced in their mid rise tapered Standard Fit, Shockoe paid nothing for the denim and are thankfully passing that savings on.

Available for $95 at Shockoe Atelier.