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Tanner Goods Braided Tether Leather Strap

Took to our Five Plus One on long wallets but you ain’t got no chain to keep your cash strapped to your person? We know it’s been a minute since that article, so hopefully your untethered wallet (and more importantly, the contents within it) have managed to stay with you. That being said, Tanner Goods is here to put your mind at ease with their range of Braided Tethers.

The burly braids use English bridle leather and come in all the usual Tanner colors including the natural veg-tan. They’re braided in a traditional four-strand sennit around a steel chain for extra beef. No snapping braids here. Secure it to both your belt loop and Tanner’s Workman Wallet using the dual polished brass clasps and you’re all set for the day ahead.

Each one will run you $100, and you can find them at Tanner Goods.