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JWJ Brand Blue-U Dark Warp 11.5oz. Jeans

Mallorca-made, JWJ Brand produces some artisan quality jeans that gives a handful of denim-makers a run for their money. Case in point, their Blue-U Dark Warp 11.5oz. Jeans.

The fabric is from Candiani Mills, made with a dark indigo warp and a grey weft, which gives the denim a color that’s deeper and darker than your average pair. It’s light at just 11.5oz., with some uncommon construction details that are definitely appreciated by those who are looking. One-piece continuous  selvedge fly, tucked belt loops, leather-backed hardware, bound side seams, single-needle stitching – it’s all there.

Cut with a slim top block and a tapered leg, you can find your pair for €190 or $212 at JWJ Brand.