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Kapital Monkey Denim Jeans and Jacket

If I were to try to sum up the works of Japanese clothing makers Kapital, I would probably say they’re an even mixture of high quality and strong inspiration, with a healthy spoonful of “out there.” I say that lovingly with regards to their latest release, the Monkey Denim Jeans and Jacket. The jeans are cut from a 14oz. denim into a straight-leg fit and washed once for comfort. A new take on a classic five pocket jean, these jeans some added some extra red detailing around the waistband as well as lined back pockets to help keep your goods safe.

With some strong vintage chore coat vibes and a slew of odd sized and extra added pockets, this jacket screams Kapital. It may be hard to tell what’s going on in the style photos, but the front closure looks to be made up of snap buttons that extend from the front to the side, for a loose and flowing feel. This piece is cut from a lighter 8oz. denim. Overall, it’s a versatile and unique offering for the summer season.

Available from $283-$291 at Blue Button Shop.