Leather Motorcycle Jackets – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Although motorcycle jackets are all designed with one purpose in mind, the number of variations between them is astounding. Between leather type, jacket style, hardware choice, and more, it’s hard to find two moto jackets that look the same after you really inspect them.

This list only scratches the surface of available Leather Motorcycle Jackets, so we hope it inspires you to go out and find the perfect jacket for you. The weather may be heating up, but that means it’s the perfect time of year to find a leather jacket at a great price.

1) Schott NYC: Cafe Racer in Black

Schott NYC: Cafe Racer Jacket in Black

You really can’t have an article about leather jackets without mentioning Schott NYC — their designs are simple, which is what most people want for their everyday leather, and their cost-to-quality ratio is high. It’s possible to find cheaper alternatives, but the fact of the matter remains: it costs a lot of money to produce a leather jacket. In my opinion, it really isn’t worth it to invest in a leather jacket that is going to let you down in twelve months. This Cafe Racer features the tell-tale banded collar, rear facing cuff zippers, and a simple two-pocket design.

Available for $506 from Cultizm.

2) Himel Brothers: 1939 Avro D-Pocket

Himel Brothers: 1939 Avro D-Pocket jacket

For many, a Himel Brothers leather jacket is a dream purchase — the materials are top notch, the construction is as good as it gets, and the attention to detail is remarkable (get to know Himel Brothers’ mastermind and founder, Dave Himel, through our recent podcast interview). Their 1939 Avro D-Pocket Double Rider might be a bit flashy for some, but it features many of the embellishments sought after in a double rider. It is constructed with black front-quarter horsehide from Japanese tannery Shinki Hikaku, and features brass hardware, a front D-pocket, a half-belt design, and a snap chin strap (not pictured). Stress points on this jacket are reinforced with brass eyelets (as seen on the belt loops and pockets’ corners) to ensure that it will be around for years to come.

Available for $1890 from Cultizm.

3) Aero Leather: Zip Sleeve Highwayman

Aero Leather: Zip Sleeve Highwayman jacket

Aero Leather is a well established jacket company known for the heft and durability of their jackets. Generally, their outerwear is constructed from Horween Front Quarter Chromexcel Horsehide, but steer hide, goatskin, and Italian horsehide are among their available leathers. The Highwayman is a straightforward moto jacket — it has a simple collar, ball-and-chain pocket zippers, rear-facing gusseted cuffs, and side-cinches to ensure the waist of the jacket is fitted.

Available for £640+ from Aero Leather.

4) Falcon Garments: DR2 – Minimalist Double Rider

Falcon Garments: DR2 - Minimalist Double Rider Jacket

After the implosion of Temple of Jawnz, several ex-employees banded together and formed a new company in its wake: Falcon Garments. Both brands filled the same niche market, and since FG was formed by former ToJ employees, the two companies are quite similar. The patterns are all but identical, the jackets are sewn in the same factory, and both quality and prices hover around the same tier.

FG’s DR2, which is strikingly similar to ToJ’s Minimalist Double Rider, is a fan favorite; unlike many double riders, this one doesn’t have much embellishment. It has an understated collar, low-key asymmetric zipper design, and no frills to speak of — just what you want if you are going to be rocking the same jacket everyday.

Available for $830+ from Falcon Garments.

5) The Flat Head: Deerskin Rider Jacket

The Flat Head: Deerskin Rider Jacket

In addition to producing high quality jeans, The Flat Head makes some of the nicest leather goods available. Although they have several moto jackets, their Deerskin Rider Jacket is perhaps the most unique. The leather used for it is tanned in-house by TFH for several months — the resulting leather is incredibly soft and matte, but the finish begins to develop a sheen over time. Each jacket is finished with custom iron zippers and waist cinches.

Available for $2640AUD from Corlection Store.

Plus One – Himel Brothers: Arrowhead Pullover Racing Jacket

Himel Brothers: Arrowhead Pullover Racing Jacket

I know, I know: we already talked about Himel Brothers in this article. But let’s face it, they make a damn good leather jacket and have more than enough designs to justify doubling up. Their Arrowhead Pullover Racing Jacket is miles away from anything else on the market — it’s based on early twentieth century leather jackets and racing shirts. The design feature a side-zippers and a quarter-zipper attached to the collar to help get the jacket on, and back cinches to help fit the jacket to the wearer. The jacket comes with button cuffs and is lined with a black twill.

Available for $1375 from Himel Brothers.