New England Outerwear x Engineered Garments Moc Camp Shoes

If you keep missing out on Engineered Garments‘ mismatched shoe collaborations, here’s yet another chance for you to be late on the ball. In step with New England Outerwear (see their production process from our factory visit here), EG presents two pairs of moccasin shoes rendered in mismatched goodness.

Panels of suede are mixed with calfskin, resulting in a tasteful interplay of texture that’s just right. They’re all hand-stitched with true moccasin construction on a Vibram sole – a definite step up from your Sperry’s. Because of their handmade process, we’re guessing that they’ll be even more limited than previous Vans collaborations they’ve done. To make matters even more exclusive, they’ll be made available only in-store at Nepenthes.