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Oni Denim 512IDID Indigo x Indigo Relax Skinny Jeans

You may have seen our recent coverage of the latest Denimio contest in which Oni Denim and Samurai battle it out for the title of Slub-Lord Millionaire. Well, Oni is back with another new release, this time in double indigo – the 512IDID Indigo x Indigo Relax Skinny Jeans.

Not to worry, there’s plenty of slub in these bad boys as well; not to mention some other notable features, like laurel wreath buttons and white selvedge ID. The fit is relaxed from the knees up with plenty of room to move, and then tapers down tightly near the ankles. Stealthy matching arcuates are sure to pop over time when the inevitable fading begins. Until then, rejoice in Oni’s dark indigo glory.

Available for $198 at Denimio.