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Fade of the Day – Mister Freedom Lot 64 Ranch Blouse (1 Year, 3 Months, 6 Washes, 1 Soak)

We’ve seen some great takes on the classic denim jacket lately, not the least of which includes the Mister Freedom Lot 64 Ranch Blouse jacket. Courtesy of our reader, Wesley, the jacket is worn whenever weather permits (he lives in the South) and thus has received about eight months of regular use in the last calendar year.

After a year of seasonal wear, the garment is showing memorable fades with some subtle honeycombs developing. Given that this jacket isn’t worn year round, not to mention clearly well looked after, we’re willing to bet this isn’t the first time it will be making an appearance on our site.

Mister Freedom Lot 64 Ranch Blouse

  • Fabric: Selvedge indigo denim
  • Weight: 13 3/4 Oz
  • Other features:
    • Wabash type twill lining in collar and pocket flap
    • Selvedge front panel fold
    • Original MFSC printed cloth label
    • Back Buckle
  • Available at: Mister Freedom for $369.95.