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Fade of the Day – N&F Left Hand Twill Weird Guy (3 Years, 1 Month, 2 Washes, 3 Soaks)

Mack Levine (@baldbeardbro) of Hayward, California dropped this three-year-old pair of N&F Left Hand Twill Weird Guy denim on us recently, and we have to say he’s done an outstanding job keeping them alive. Despite some repairs needed due to rigorous bike commutes, his jeans are looking pretty darn good. Only washed twice with three soaks, Mack has managed to develop some handsome whiskers due in part to his sitting habits.

But it’s thanks to the robust fabric of the LHT that those subtle honeycombs show up around back, as does the well-repaired pocket (thanks to Self Edge SF), making this a particularly nice Fade of the Day.

Naked and Famous Left Hand Twill Weird Guy

  • Fabric: Japanese Selvedge
  • Weight: 13.75oz
  • Fit: Lowrise Taper
  • Other features:
  • Available at: Tate & Yoko for $140