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Fade of the Day – Unbranded 221 (6 Months, 1 Soak)

When a company makes a point to remove all unnecessary bells and whistles from their jeans to provide the ultimate denim experience, you get the ever popular Unbranded brand (which just so happens to be our best entry level raw denim jean).

Today’s Fade of the Day features a pair of UB221‘s checking in at just six months of wear by Matt Colianni from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He tells us that this is his third pair of raws, and the photos were taken right after their first soak for reference (note: if you need help shooting your denim, check out our succinct guide, “5 Tips for Raw Denim Photography“).

As you can see, the whiskers and honeycombs are locked in and starting to fade, and overall the jeans have dropped a good amount of indigo in a short period of time. Matt likes Unbranded for the price point and low risk, and we would tend to agree because let’s face it, relative to other denim, they give you more than what you pay for.


  • Name: Unbranded UB221
  • Fabric: 100% cotton selvedge denim
  • Weight: 21oz.
  • Fit: Tapered
  • Unique Features:
  • Available for $118 at Unbranded